Why Dubai Is Earned The Title Of Gold Capital Of the Middle East?

Jan 5, 2024
With a whole souk devoted to gold, purchasing this precious metal in Dubai is a widespread practice, especially among expats and tourists. Whether it’s everyday wear or something lavish you're after, Dubai's gold jewelry scene has something for everyone.

  • Legit gold in UAE

You can chill about the purity and quality of jewelry when you're buying gold in Dubai. The UAE government has it covered; regulating all the bling sold by jewelers to make sure every piece is legit. The Gold Jewellery Store UAE is the best place when you are looking for 18k gold at the best price.

  • A budget-friendly move for buying gold jewellery

People love Dubai, and one big reason is the tax break on gold jewellery purchases. With no taxes in the emirate, Dubai's gold prices are a steal, as you're only shelling out for the actual jewelry. Sure, there's a 5% Value Added Tax (VAT) now, but buying gold at Lawrence is still a budget-friendly move compared to other spots globally.

  • Tourists can grab VAT refunds on gold jewellery

Tourists can grab VAT refunds on all their UAE gold jewellery buys. Don't forget, you can even haggle on making charges for gold in Dubai and score yourself a deal! Affordable and genuine gold quality are the two factors that make the Best Affordable Jewellery in UAE.

The gold rate in Dubai sticks to the international gold prices, making sure all the stores in the city keep their prices in check. With international gold prices doing the price cha-cha just like the stock market, it's a chance for gold shoppers in Dubai to score some bling at the lowest rate.

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